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The Mermaid Shop & Gallery

Linzi West has a long experience of illustration and fine art. She has six books published to date with Frances Lincoln.

She has been drawing since a small child, with a wealth of influences, not the least of which was her father, who was the carriage painter to the Queen - hence her childhood in the shadow of Windsor Castle. She went on to study pure illustration at Richmond School of Art.

Linzi has worked as a freelance artist for over 20 years now. Her numerous greeting cards designs have been one of the sources of her characters and ideas for book illustrations. 

Linzi is also an accomplished fine artist, portraitist, muralist and ceramicist. She exhibits and sells her work in her own Mermaid Shop and Gallery in Lyme Regis, Dorset. Throughout the summer there is a steady stream of children sitting for oil portraits.

Linzi’s illustrative style is remarkably varied. Her great strength is her lively figure drawing, which has a strong appeal to children of all ages. 

Living next to the sea in a Tudor house in Lyme Regis, Dorset, noticeably influences her work. She also draws inspiration from her extensive travels. She is presently developing a charming and appealing series of drawings for a story about a little girl and a mermaid. 

Linzi is strongly influenced by the children in her own life: her son and small niece often pop up in illustrations. This makes her characters endearing and convincing. She works quickly and spontaneously in a variety of mediums with a lively and vibrant imagination.
Visit her website at:

Linzi West

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